Backdrops have a big impact and boldly reflect the style of your wedding.  Our backdrops are not your run of the mill. They have been carefully designed and built to be a unique addition to your wedding. We also offer some options that allow you to truly customize them to reflect your personal taste. 
  1. Rent Boxwood Wall Backdrop
    Boxwood Wall Backdrop $150+
  2. Rent ceremony entrance doors vintage white customizable
  3. Pallet-style Backdrop {$100}
    Pallet-style Backdrop {$100}
  4. White farmhouse door backdrop with customized florals available for rent
    4 Farmhouse Door Backdrop with floral {$235}
  5. Barn wood backdrop Archway available for rent
    Barn Wood Backdrop as an Archway {$200}
  6. Barn Wood Backdrop {$250}
    Barn Wood Backdrop {$250}
  7. Wood framed burlap backdrop available for rent
    Wood Framed Burlap Backdrop {$500}
  8. 100 year old weathered grey barn doors available for rent as unique backdrop
    Weathered Barn Doors Backdrop {$325}
  9. White Stationary Barn Doors available for rent in Edmonton area.
    White Stationary Barn Doors {$250}
  10. Antique Ceiling Tile Backdrop
    Antique Ceiling Tile Backdrop
  11. rent rustic shutters, room dividers, backdrop
    Rustic Cream Shutters {$30/set}